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Computer Game discussion, voice acting, modding, Fallout Series, Divinity 2, Dragon Age S]games, Minecraft, The Elder Scrolls series, and other games. General discussion and creative writing.

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Hunters of Blood

A modern day Vampire role play set in Italy. Come and join our coven and our safe house. Here you are free to use your powers without fear of being hunted! Aka Cacciatori di Sangue. Connected though d

free, forum, hunters, blood, role, play, group, cacciatori, sangue, vampire, powers, power, ability, abilities, #elder, ranks, servant, ballroom, mansion, half-blood, pure, create

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Elder Maxson's coat in real life.

so everyone loves his coat i was just wondering if there are any coats in real life that look close to what his did. i just couldn't find anything and don't know really what to search so asking people seems like a good way to find one

Racial passives how to choose the right character in Elder Scrolls Online

cool video to help people pick myself i  think ill go either DPS or Healer   what is every one else going to run ? really the only reason i would even say healer is its easier to get Q's to pop if their is a healer in the group

How to get quest The Elder Dragon of Wind in the LV 4 village quest?

I have overcome the first in the quest kushala daora the frozen dictator, but no quest the elder dragon of wind, as usual, how exactly do I get that quest? javascript:emoticonp(':pale:')

Unlocking the 6 Star Elder Lao quest?

Hopefully someone can verify this for me. I was looking at the Elder Quest list today because I just got to the 6 Star quests and wanted to know which were required for the next urgent, and now I'm confused about how you unlock the Lao quest. It says

What is your favorite elder dragon???

Well, What is it? Kushala Daora to Chamelos there are so many different kinds, so many different attacks, which one is your favorite?

elder shen gaoren

can you help me with some good and easy tips for the urgent village gaoren? I tried it with GS and HBG but he everytime destroys the city. wich weapons, armors or strategies would you recomment?

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