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Computer Game discussion, voice acting, modding, Fallout Series, Divinity 2, Dragon Age S]games, Minecraft, The Elder Scrolls series, and other games. General discussion and creative writing.

fallout, phones, elder, scrolls, dragon, #voice, acting, skyrim, oblivion, vegas, divinity, minecraft, baldurs, gate, planetside, modding


The voice of Police Injury on Duty Pensioners

pipin, #voice, police, injury, duty, pensioners

Mugen Crusaders

Mugen Crusaders is a website promoting the creation and sharing of Mugen content. We welcome spriters, coders, voice actors and other Mugen content creators.

mugen, crusaders, projects, free, share, creations, general

Free forum : OBC Connect

Free forum : This forum is a place to connect with current and former members of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. Keep in touch, voice your concerns, share your experiences regarding Shasta Abbey

shasta, abbey, buddhist, cult, california, soto, abuse, violation, brainwash, haryo, yalon, teijo, koshin, schomberg, jiyu, kennett, throssel

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Favorite voice actors/actresses in gaming?

Who are your favorite voices of gaming, and your favorite characters that they voice? Mine are: Charles Martinet--Mario, Luigi, etc. Sam Kelly--Peach, Toad Mercedes Rose--Rosalina (2007-2010) I always thought Rosalina's first voice actress suited

Would you like a character voice for fallout 4

I saw the trailer and almost cried. I had a smile on my face the whole way through till I heard the vault dweller Talk. Then It when to a straight frown. (I'm dead serious) Like this idea is worse than the paid mod Idea.....Just

Villi and the voice - a scrollventure

Basically I had an idea for a comedy strip series consisting entirely of pictures. Here's the first part. My question to everyone is should I make more? What do you think? I'm calling it a scrolling adventure - a scrollventure - because that's pretty

Sim Voice Checklists

A few weeks ago Six was working on voice checklists, well  here's competition , this guy has developed an app with checklists for many aircraft. " The app runs independently and externally to the main flight simulator program thereby allowing it to be

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