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Oblivion Mods to Make Oblivion Look Better

I will be updating this list for a while, from time to time, and some more pictures. For now, it just includes mods on changing the way Oblivion looks.. List in no particular order. Will make your game slower, but make it prettier. IWR Optimised

Oblivion Flora - Bushes

Designer: Narukota Original Creator: Bethesda Softworks Requires: ZT2 Public Domain: unknown Language: English Bugs: None Description: It's bushier than George Bush! A pack of two bushes, ready to be placed in your zoo. You'll never know if a

Oblivion Official DLCs

Ok, I know this sort of thing is frowned upon but damn it I don't want to pay Steam thirteen bucks for what I bought for five bucks six years ago!! Since I don't currently have a computer that will run Skyrim I decided to blow the dust off my Oblivion

Replay Oblivion

I have installed Oblivion on my computer. It is slow going because of real life issues, configuring this computer and just life in general. I will not be doing the main quest or the guild quests. Will use Alternate Start by ship to avoid this. The

Oblivion Ultra Mod.

This: http://planetelderscrolls.gamespy.com/View.php?view=OblivionMods.Detail&id=2420 Plus Qarl's texture Pack 3 Plus Qarl's High Detail Lods Plus Better Cities Plus Natural Enviroments/Infintie View Mod Plus manual INI tweaks... = Your

Best Oblivion Mods

Well, we have the best NV mods, so why not a best oblivion mods. Now, I don't have any choices to go here, so I figure everyone here who plays, can post their favorite mods and maybe, we can get a list goin like the NV thread.


Although I would like nothing better than to...what is the word for wanting to rant about how much you like something? Anyway, I would be doing that a bit more than a did for the Dance Of The Thrashing Dragon Quest in CQM, but I'll hold back. Anyway,

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