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Arena Tournament for Axis&Allies World Club members.

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Gaming Group for various video games. Cod, Battlefield, DayZ, Minecraft, you name it. . . we play it.

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The Beyond

Welcome to the Beyond, the best roleplaying site to begin your adventures in the wonderful world of roleplaying. We are an open forum, themed around a blend of fantasy and science fiction in a futuris

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Dragon Spleef Arena NOW OPEN

Bug fixes and DLc to come. Also there is a sing up board at warp pripyat for a tournament with a chance to get your name in the arena and epic loot" />

Arena Section: Gaia Fields

A vast, open plain with tall grass as far as the eye can see. These meadows boreder the Dew Drop Sea, Lily Swamps, Azure Mountain, Scarred Desert and the Kein Ausgang Labyrinth. Warrior- and Beast Warrior-type monsters receive a 500 ATK and DEF increas

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