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Useful Skyrim Mods?

Looking for some useful (Or über cool) Skyrim mods. I haven't tested any thus far, but some useful ones look like: SkyUI Skyrim Better Performance Red & Gold Noble Beds Vivid Eyes Convenient Horses Unofficial Skyrim Patch

Skyrim Mod - Dovahkinder Collection Replacer

Dovahkinder Collection Replacer Author's Description: I like vanilla kids and their vanilla clothing for they look really childlike. There are a lot of mods changing children and their outfits, but I find most of them rather... pedophile

Skyrim Mod - OBIS: Organized Bandits In Skyrim

OBIS ORGANIZED BANDITS IN SKYRIM More Detailed Info: Description: OBIS is a content mod that adds in over 1000+ new bandits throughout the world of Skyrim. Each of these bandits are separated into many different types that makes every encounter

Skyrim Mods: Travelers, Encounters, Creatures, And More Wars Of Skyrim

I wanted to make this list in the memory of the legendary 'Wars In Skyrim' mod which was the first mod that brought the land of Skyrim to life. I also wanted to wait until I had tested all of the mods I plan to list here, but since new ones have come out

Skyrim Discussion

The other thread (what character are you playing) was getting long, so I thought I would create a new one to discuss Skyrim goodness. I played for about 5 hours last night, and didn’t complete a quest. I really didn’t play either, I just leveled my

Skyrim - How To REALLY Stop CTDs (Crash To Desktop) - FIX!

You Will Need SSME - Skyrim Startup Memory Editor By default, it should work without needing to set up anything. You can also use a very useful log to see how things are working with memory allocation provided by the great Sheson, finder of the Skyrim

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