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DE + Assassin detachment

I just got the Officio Assassinorum supplement and I'm curious to find out if anyone on here has paired up assassins with their dark eldar forces. I'm interested in trying it out. Specifically, I'm really liking the idea of a vindicare assassin as a

Assassin Vines

Assassin Vines are already a deadly foe for those who are ill prepared, but this suggestion makes them deadly for anybody. The thorns of an Assassin Vine secrete a deadly posion that cause sickness. (each hit deals 1 CON Damage, no save, stops at 3

New Avatars/Signatures (And also Assassin's Creed crossover images...)

I just thought it'd be fun to make a thread where we could talk about any new Avatars, Signatures, or any new information we added to our accounts. Right now, I found an Assassin's Creed parody Avatar with Mario that looks sweet! I also found an image of

Assassin (ATMG)

Hi! Im playing single and using a nice atmg assa Here's some info about here. Weap dark nemesis armor Scales of the serpent (eth) amu 5 skill doom amu ring 1x nephalem 3skill ring 2 crap -enemy fire res 37 megalith boots belt

Ace and Ezio - The Master Assassin Absol and Umbreon [Marsh|Sinnoh]

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Assassin's Creed 3 - Pre Order Bonus

Now I've never really gotten into the AC series... but you add Amerrrricah to the game and I'm listening... Also, I'm a sucker for cool preorder bonuses... and I already reserved mine through Amazon... Its just bad ass looking and is what made me

La Villa (Assassin's Creed stage)

Posting some stage ideas here. 1. Monteriggioni: Villa Under Attack (Assassin's Creed) Appearance and Layout: Spoiler:  Stage Description: Spoiler: The entrance to the Auditore's family Villa, the main headquarters for the Assassin

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