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Free forum : A place to meet and talk about The Secret Society: Hidden Mystery game from G5 Games, available on iOS, Android and Kindle devices.

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Free forum : For everyone who enjoys playing Hidden Object Games, Time Management Games and Match 3 Games etc.

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Hidden Power Guide

I personally have bred for the hidden power of a few pokemon e.g.,charmander for ice, samurott for grass, kingdra for fire... I believe this online guide could help(it helped me): What is Hidden Power? Hidden Power is a Special typed attack that has

PS1 Hidden Gem: Rock'Em Sock'Em Arena

This was an old fighting game way back when in the times Mattel had some awesome products. One of them being Rock'em Sock'em Arena. This game was developed after the Mattel released a toyline where different themed robots had special parts with a feature

New Hidden Room!

Now you can go backstage by visiting the Pawforming Arts Center! Click on the bow located on the left balcony to enter this hidden place! Play backstage search once a day for a chance to earn 200 bear bills!

List of Straight Hidden Object Games

Here is a list of hidden object games with little to no adventure. Straight HOG's: (may have some light interaction and/or devilish puzzles (ie. MCF: Ravenhearst & MCF: Madame Fate) 100% Hidden Objects 1912: Titanic Mystery Amazing Adventure

Can you find 9 Hidden people in this picture?

Hi All! I LOVE illusions! Check out this picture and see if you can find 9 hidden people! Very Cool! http://www.brainbashers.com/showillusion.asp?115 Mystery Lady

Is the hidden breaker worth getting + Help with 8* Nekoht quests.

I can't face narga yet, but I only have to do "Elegy For A Lone Wolf" and "Bl-Bl-Blangongas!" until I can. I thought this was a pretty OP hammer, 50% affinity, decent purple sharpness... but it wasn't all OP, the 988 raw damage

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