Fictional Battle Omniverse

Fictional Battle Omniverse is a forum for discussions about Comics, Anime, Manga, Video Games, and other such topics with the sites own Wikipedia for VS Debates and a forum for all ages.

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A fan site and play by post roleplaying group for popular fictional universes—reanimated!

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Road Slayers Motorcycle Club

Forum for the Road Slayers Motorcycle Club

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Fictional Battle Omniverse (Fictional Battle Dome)

Logo :  Forum Title : Fictional Battle Omniverse Forum Description : #1 Online Source For Fictional battles and a Omniverse for everything and anything. Forum category :  Debating,Anime,Comics,Video Games and Online Community Forum Address :

Official Fictional Battle Omniverse Rules and Guidelines

Major Rules 1.FBO Wikia Sources For All Battle Profiles And Debating Tips Are Found Here. 2. Bashing on fellow members usernames of this forum fictional/non-fictional are prohibited. 3. Do Not! attack people based on religion,sex,age,sexual orientation

To The Haters of Fictional Battle Omniverse

Just to inform those who hate us for our factual views and our actual accuracy with characters we have have a few words! To the haters: To the butthurt: To the cry babies: To Those Who Cant Accept The Truth: To The Whiners:

What's your fictional power hierarchy?

As in who do you think the most powerful beings in all of fiction are.

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