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Top 10 Strongest Fictional Verses

Top 10 Strongest Fictional Verses Note: List will be updated once we research other series.

How Omni-King can destory universes in Dragon Ball

This would explain why the God of Destructions and their teachers fear Omni-King because he can just pop their universe out of existence meaning he isn't a true Universe buster by sheer power.

Heart of The Universe is confirmed Universe Level

Marvel fans and or death battle debaters will claim such things that the HOTU or Heart of the Universe is a Multi-Universe,Multiverse,Multiverse+,Megaverse, and or Omniversal level power source but this handbook suggests otherwise. Source: The Living

Screwattack is making a rematch Battle of Goku Vs Superman

Yup it happen again and now we be ready for the fanboys of DBZ

Protege Nearly Usurped The Living Tribunal

This basically means He was not above the living tribunal but was still a being holding Multiverse level power.

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