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Team Fortress Classic Humans versus Bots forum of X's BotServer

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Fictional Battle Omniverse

Fictional Battle Omniverse is a forum for discussions about Comics, Anime, Manga, Video Games, and other such topics with the sites own Wikipedia for VS Debates and a forum for all ages.

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Eve versus Lesbo Physics: The Game I have cursed you.

Battle for The Title! [ Ryo Knetegawa Versus Ezra Aurence!]

Just about a few days earlier, Ezra had applied for a battle here at the arena. A place usually quite unpopular amongst mages who weren’t competitive. But when there was a battle here, a crowd flocked to the seats of the arena like ducks to a piece of

Warriors versus Policemen

In memory of the Brave Policemen present in Zululand in 1879. The ultimatum to Cetewayo expired on the11th January 1879, and as no communication was received from him the invasion of Zululand was started. Four columns were formed, the third being the

Pegasi and Fairies [Takumi Versus Ezra/Both Guilds Invited]

Long, soft blades of grass covered in morning dew. A young, orangish-yellow sky, bright and early in a Tetsukazu dawn. The air was chilly, and it had the crisp humidity after a cold, rainy day. Large trees covered grass hills that spread far and wide, ah

B.F.G.-Saileyra Versus Forcewave Versus Campeon

She was bored. The Bionic Goddess of the modern world was bored. Elena Vexus sat in her large throne chair that overlooked the working station that was her Quantum Computer. Buried deep under Indian soil she operated the most complicated, most advanced,

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