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Under fist....

ever remember the big movie on CN under fist... well i do now i really want the show to become a spin off series (im only 3 or 4 years late) but yea it seems really good besides freds reanimation it was not that bad... i mean grim and billy and mady were

Uncle Grandpa.A grown up Billy?

I know there are fans of the show here and one super fan but Jesus that show creeps and annoys me. He is like a grown up billy only 100% stupider and more annoying Ehat are you guys opinions on the show

Ikea Billy display corner set for sale....

So with the cull i have moved all things motu onto my glass shelving unit, leaving this one spare, so if anyone wants it holla at me! Pics you say? Well ok then: And here it is at ikea full retail:

"I never expected to see... Billy Lee!" (Double Dragon DLC)

So, Double Dragon is a pretty cool series. One that's gotten quite a few games for Nintendo systems. Plus, there's a pretty recent game out with a whole lot of moves to use! You've got a Spin Kick you could use, maybe make it stationary, but

Billy Monger Support Sprint - April 30th 2017

Over the BTCC weekend at Donington Park Formula 4 driver Billy Monger suffered an accident which was of such a serious nature the 17 year old has suffered life altering injuries. The outpouring of support from all corners of the motorsport family has bee

Richmond Final

The Richmond championship game is tonight at 7:30 at Palmer with Palmer playing Steveston-London. The 3rd / 4th game will be at 5:45 with McNair playing Hugh Boyd. Come on out and check out the game or you can check it out online at:

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