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The Church of the Divine and Venerated Saint Johnny Thunders, the Patron Saint of Rock 'N' Roll

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Richmond Final

The Richmond championship game is tonight at 7:30 at Palmer with Palmer playing Steveston-London. The 3rd / 4th game will be at 5:45 with McNair playing Hugh Boyd. Come on out and check out the game or you can check it out online at:

"I never expected to see... Billy Lee!" (Double Dragon DLC)

So, Double Dragon is a pretty cool series. One that's gotten quite a few games for Nintendo systems. Plus, there's a pretty recent game out with a whole lot of moves to use! You've got a Spin Kick you could use, maybe make it stationary, but

Uncle Grandpa.A grown up Billy?

I know there are fans of the show here and one super fan but Jesus that show creeps and annoys me. He is like a grown up billy only 100% stupider and more annoying Ehat are you guys opinions on the show

Under fist....

ever remember the big movie on CN under fist... well i do now i really want the show to become a spin off series (im only 3 or 4 years late) but yea it seems really good besides freds reanimation it was not that bad... i mean grim and billy and mady were

Ikea Billy display corner set for sale....

So with the cull i have moved all things motu onto my glass shelving unit, leaving this one spare, so if anyone wants it holla at me! Pics you say? Well ok then: And here it is at ikea full retail:

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