African Stars Pride

A unique and fun felid roleplay based in the heart of Africa. Filled with a friendly community and tons of activities and contests; there is never a dull moment!

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Erilza Packs (Done)    "Personal quote can be placed here"     Name(s): erzlia Packs Nickname(s): flame queen Age: 19 Sex: herm Birthday: Birthday: 3, 10, X817 Sexuality: gay Class: Mysic Alignment: chotic

Loner Rouge Pack/group

Hi all! I have been given permission to open a small loner group/pack. I want to know who wants to join. I'm starting it at five or six. rankings: Alpha(s): (F) Dea Beta(s): Delta(s): Healer(s): It needs a wolf for Beta, Delta, healer,

Existing Packs

It seems like it would be helpful to have a list of currently-active packs and their members. If people could please post their pack name, totem, and members here, it would be appreciated.

Ice Pack Of The Freezing Forest

Minx looked about and shook out her thick coat. It was snowing lightly, like it normally was, and her thick fur protected her from the cold. Seeing a group of caves that were protected from snow and the other elements, Minx thought 'These would make good

Uchiha, Icarus [Sunagakure Genin] (WiP)

"I'm a freak b*tch, baby!" Name: Uchiha, Icarus Secondary Title: - Age: 14 Gender: Male Physical Appearance: Icarus is about five feet and eight inches, average height for a youngster at his age; not to tall or not to

The scent of a pack. (and pheasants :D )

A smooth wind touched the land, bringing with it the scent of a new day. Along the hill he lay, inhaling the fresh air. Behind him he could smell the familiar scent of his brother, who followed some miles behind him. Ahead in the flat lands before

Fire & Ice Wolf Packs

Fire & Ice Wolf Packs Darkness is rising in the lands of Fire and Ice... A band of ancient wolves have made their appearance, their presence ominous and threatening to throw the packs into deadly chaos. In neighboring territory, dogs have chased out th

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