Serenity River Pack

Founded in 2010, we are an active community which focuses not only on literate wolf roleplay, but also contests, events, and an all around positive experience.

wolves, serenity, river, #pack, wolf, active, community, literate, roleplay, contests, events, positive, experience, family, clan, large, enjoyable

Silver Pack

We are the number one Therian/Otherkin community on the web ! We just moved here because the original site is becoming too big !

silver, #pack, number, therian/otherkin, community, moved, original, site

The Possé

In need of an Alpha Male! ( A wolf pack in the making )

wolf, awesome, roleplay, #pack, wolves, canine, forum, role, play, group

Oak Claw

Here Oak Claw Pack mates may rp.

claw, #pack, mates

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Wolf Spirit Pack

Board name: Wolf Spirit Pack URL: Opening date: 4-10-13 Button Code:

Warrior Wolf Pack (Pick 'n' Play)

Name: Eagle Heart Age: 5 Coat: White Rank: Alpha Male Breed: Wolf Gender: Male Player: None Personality: Eagle Heart is a natural born leader and slightly temperamental. He always sates his opinion and loves knowing that he's right. He is a great

Wolf pack rp make your own charter

Rules- Cussing is aloud. Romance is aloud (Including sex scenes) Killing or forcing with out player permission is prohibited. 5 Charters per player, must have more then one male charrie if your going to have more then one wolf. Pack rules- Only th

The scent of a pack. (and pheasants :D )

A smooth wind touched the land, bringing with it the scent of a new day. Along the hill he lay, inhaling the fresh air. Behind him he could smell the familiar scent of his brother, who followed some miles behind him. Ahead in the flat lands before

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