Inspiration Without Fear

We are a small group of friends dedicated to immersive story-building, and enjoyable roleplay in a high fantasy setting. We are a private, invite only group.

inspiration, #fear, small, group, friends, dedicated, immersive, story-building, enjoyable, roleplay, high, fantasy, setting, private, invite, only

Hunters of Blood

A modern day Vampire role play set in Italy. Come and join our coven and our safe house. Here you are free to use your powers without fear of being hunted! Aka Cacciatori di Sangue. Connected though d

free, forum, hunters, blood, role, play, group, cacciatori, sangue, vampire, powers, power, ability, abilities, elder, ranks, servant, ballroom, mansion, half-blood, pure, create

Free forum : Simmetry Design

Free forum : This a place where art meets sims. Where you express yourself without limitations. Without fear. At Simmerty Design, everything is possible.

simmetry, design, modeling, sims, express, limitations, place, simming, custom, content, graphics, competitions, fashion, unique

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Advice for my fear of heights (going to six flags)

Okay, so I have a fear of heights and I'm always scared of high, nearly 90 degree big drops on roller coasters, and I'm going to six flags for my Stage band's high note festival. After the festival we are allowed to go on rides and stuff and roam around

So (Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas)

Range C3-G5 Voice’s type Tenor High tone G5 ("Virtue and Vice") F♯5 ("Let Me Hear (TV Size)") F5 ("Jump Around", "Just Awake", "Rave Up Tonight", "Thunderclap", "Virtue and

Fear-mongery amongst Christian groups

Hi all, I felt this is needed here, I sent this reply to a person who my father got the message from and for some reason forwarded the propaganda to me. My response: Ah, gotta love the Christian fear monger tactics of this drivel. First off, the nation

So (Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas)

Voice Type: Autotenor Vocal Range: C3-B♭5 High Notes: B♭5- (Introduction at 【IRF 2015】) G♯5- (Introduction at 【IRF 2015】) G5 - ("Counterattack by the Sesame Sized Bodies", "Ignite Your Frail Mind", "The Demon Called

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