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Missouri Bound

I am heading for Missouri this afternoon sometime. I do not know how long I will be gone, and will only have computer access if I go to the library there. My Aunt's Estate is frozen in Probate, but there are some things I need to take care of and this

Charles Bound I enjoy this style of work by Charles Bound , an american now living and working in Wales

In Darkness Bound, an SF war epic

In Darkness Bound is the first of several novels (in various stages of completion) that are all set within the same universe and revolve around a conflict that arises between the Unity and the Federation. It's part of my "Chronicles of the Earth

[News] New Spell "Mount Of The Bound"

New Devine Support Card 神縛りの塚]Mound of the Bound Creator[/size] Spell Card/Field Level 10 or higher monsters on the field cannot be targeted or destroyed by card effects. If a Level 10 or higher monster destroys a monster by battle and sends

In Darkness Bound --military/political SF novel

In Darkness Bound (Chapter Links at the Bottom of this page) John Carter was born and raised a spacer, his life determined before he was even born. Now a captain in Fleet, he finds himself questioning his commitment to a path in life he did not

Snow Bound - Bunny Hill BOM 2010 Anne Sutton has started sharing her new BOM for this year, its a snowman themed one. Love the fabric she is using, I was lucky enough to recieve a charm pack of this from Shemoo for xmas, its

Drying and Firing

Drying of a Pot After potting the water must be removed from the still wet pot. A faulty drying process can destroy the pot while drying or during the first firing process. Mechanically bound water fills the space between the single clay

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