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Application to join - Selustria

• Which Division(Blue Turret or Super Secret Gentleman's Squadron) are you looking to join? Blue Turret • Which Game(s) are you interested in taking part in? World of tanks • In Game Account(s): Selustria • Age: 21 • Previous

Final Round - Rd11 - Mt Fuji

Onto the final round of the 1987 World Touring Car Championship, Mt Fuji in Japan Its a close points battle at the top, and it should be a great rounding out to a really fun championship , i've loved every second of it I'm assuming (but not

Teamspeak3 vs. Discord

So, I've been using Teamspeak3 to talk to my friends since before I started Frostburnt, it's been an integral part of the way I interact with people online and I dare say I've lived in teamspeak for the last 5-6 years, nevertheless, times change and with

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