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Gaming Group for various video games. Cod, Battlefield, DayZ, Minecraft, you name it. . . we play it.

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Spirals quote of the day *Denlow says: *say wat spiral? *ur little gypsy cock? *cmon SpiralRock says: *yeah its small w/e *i dont care

DayZ Standalone news

I am sure a few of you have noticed a lack of output from the regular guys recently (Frankie,Fraggs,Sacriel and all) seems they have the alpha of the standalone game that will be playable at E3 for normal folks and should be out before the end of the mont

New Day Z mod thread

Those of us playing this mod or want to will need to pick a town or area from the map for us all to head too. I played a bit last night with Trammie, we got together, made a stand off in some factory against zombies, only to be killed by another player


For those who might be interested, DayZ (standalone) is in its final stages of development before being released as an Alpha game. Full product not expected until next year, but hopefully available for testing within the next month or so!! For those wh

Cracked DayZ Guide In 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Download and install Arma 2 Free. Step 2: Download and install Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead. Step 3: Download and install Six Updater. Step 4: Run Six Launcher and find a cracked server. (Easiest way to do this is to type "Crack" or

Dayz Tips and Tricks

This post is about doing tips and tricks, please post them. 1.When running around military base, have a hunters bag and mountain bag. Put all your loot in your hunters bag, then put it in the mountain bag. If you get held up just say some shit like, okay

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