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ስለዲሽ፣ ሪሲቨሮችና ሶፍትዌሮች ኪይዎችና ነፃ የስፓርት ቻናሎች በየጊዜው አዳዲስ መረጃ ያግኙ

ethiopians, satdish, ጥያቄዎች, ለመመለስ, ስለዲሽ, ሳተላይት, ሪሲቨር, እንዲሁም, በዚህ, ፎረም

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Barclays Boss could net £10m payout

Barclays boss could net £10m payout [url=**http%3A//][/url]Press Association – 4 hours ago Related Content Enlarge PhotoBarclays boss Bob Diamond could receive a 10

Maddie cop slams McCanns over 'gag': Ex-police boss to fight court ruling - Daily Star 18.5.15

Maddie cop slams McCanns over 'gag': Ex-police boss to fight court ruling Goncalo Amaral said he had been the victim of “an attack

Jirí "Big Boss" Valter

STATUS: UNFINISHED Voice type: Baritone Vocal range: G1-C♯5 Significant high notes: C♯5 ("Darksome Prophet") B♭4 ("Necromancy") G♯4 ("And They Are Silent", "Darksome Prophet") G4 ("And They Are

Pfizer Boss in charm offensive as MPs movee to protect Astrazeneca I hope the MPs succeed, Britain has sold more family silver as Harold Macmillan famously remarked on the sale of th

5 Points to Make You a Good (Bad) Boss

Never praise your employees, but always be ready to scold them harshly and in public if you think they did something wrong, or not like you wanted. Remember that what you think is ALWAYS right. Your employees are much dumber than you, and you shoul


Strauss -Khan lost his job as IMF boss and is currently under House Arrest, tagged and paying £250,000 p.m. for the Private Accommodation. Now it appears that the Ghanaian Chamber Maid who accused him has not told the truth and it was her Lawyers who

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