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Many people who use computers complain of eye strain. Looking at a monitor for a long time can strain your eyes or can make any other problems .

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Texas Air Coolers

Texas Air Coolers was established with the intent to offer a location to allow ALL Air Cooled enthusiast interested in sharing their ideas, problems, achievements, projects, or just keep in touch with other AC owners.

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Auto-Sleeper Owners Forum (ASOF) The Auto Sleepers Motorhomes Forums

Welcome to The Auto-Sleeper Owners Forum (ASOF) A friendly online community with dedicated forums for Auto Sleeper motorhome owners. Get help and advice with motorhome problems, Learn tips, or just chat with other Auto-Sleepers owners.

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Collar problems (We need Advice)

Hi all we have got Leia a plain Leather collar to get her used to it ready for going out into the world next week. Ive never had any problems getting a dog used to a collar before but this is driving her nuts. She cant walk 2 feet without throwing herself

Problems with Spinach and Lettuce

My very first SFG is off to a good start. It was planted on August 30. The Swiss Chard, radishes, beets, Ruby Red lettuce, and pansies are doing well. However, the Bloomsdale spinach and Black Seeded Simpson lettuce have not even sprouted. I planted them

Tummy problems

Hi, This is the first time I've had a Staff and I'm a little bit worried about his toileting. He is 5 months and 3 weeks old and adorable.  But the big 'but' is, the amount of times he goes to the toilet each day.  He 'poohs' anything from 6 to 10 times

Heater problems: Marineland Pro Stealth has stopped shipping....

I got an email from Doctors and Foster that the heaters I bought from them they were recalling. Marineland is one of my favorites because they have a no questions lifetime warranty. So I just put two in each tank and set them two degrees apart on

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