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Topics linked your research : suggestions

Banner suggestions

just ideas for a differant banner for sight, ill add more as i go

Author Suggestions List!~

Here you can post suggestions for an author you'd like to have their own section. Please check to make sure they are not already suggested, if so you can vote for them on the other topic. Please include authors first AND last name and possibally

Few Suggestions

Adding new roleplay characters: Kitsune: Reason: kitsunes are foxes and are part of the canidae tree but kitsunes have a mystical power which they can turn from a fox to a young female(or male but in mythology its a female). And the more tails it has

Two more suggestions

STUDENT COUNCIL These students preside over school events and general student conduct. They represent the interest of students to Beata Academy's staff and faculty. There are a couple major positions. The rest would all be underlings. President -


So, let me preface this by saying I wrote this a few days ago and almost sent it in. Many people told me not to submit this, it seems they feared I would be banned or some sort of actions would be taken against me. Well, I had deleted the post and let it

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