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Reavers and bladevaves - turbo boosting movement

I have read quite a few rules discussions around the web, arguing whether or not Reavers MUST turbo boost in a straight line or if they can turn while turbo boosting as long as they move no longer than 36". while some valid points are for both

F/S single turbo conversion for LS1

tryed bosting my LS1 but didnt like how it felt compaired to my N/A LS1 so im selling my street single turbo conversion kit includes: T-67 turbo @ roughly 14.0PSI (about 415hp on otherwise stock motor) flipped 6.0 truck manifolds custom crossover

NeDiMi Turbo.ctg

NeDiMi Turbo.ctg optimize: 0 / 100 I---|---------------I I------------------|I I------------------|I http://www.mediafire.com/?ov1og6avtb1791z http://www.speedyshare.com/file/sH3QY/download/NeDiMi-Turbo.ctg.zip

[BETATEST] GROUP B - S1, 205 Turbo 16, R5 Turbo Maxi,....

Hi guys, maybe you know, there are a few of these cars available on this site. most of them are more like beta as final. during our GTL2.0 project i thought it would be great to make these cars more realistic and give the S1 some playmates^^ so i

Max Steel Turbo Reloaded

Am I late for the party or has a new Max Steel show arrived recently? On the CartoonNetwork Asia Pacific and Australia websites, I saw "Max Steel Turbo Reload" adverts and I wonder if the 2013 show is any good. Anyone remember the original Max Steel

1973 BMW 2002 Turbo

I think I'm right in saying that this car should not be in any kind of junkyard, backyard, boneyard, whatever yard. It should be in a museum. It looks like everything has been taken out from the inside, so she's basically gutted and has no motor. Full

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