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JDM parts from japan for Japanese spec cars. Specializing in Engine, transmissions, turbo's, superchargers, suspension, rims, exhausts, Apexi power fc, Nismo.

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Anyone try a Continuous Variable Transmission CVT system in a mower?

Just thinking of ways to improve my upcoming racing mower build, so anyone try this and ditch the pulley clutch?

6 SPd hi/lo horizontal transaxle brand and model?

Just got this axle for my new project that I will be posting soon and do not know what brand and model it is I found a tag but doesn't say the brand. Any help would be nice!


Hey i was just wondering if theres any way to quite my tranny its a stock foote one thats on craftsmans and has had the grease cleaned out and put oil in it but it still has a loud whinning noise can you guys help me Please

PDF manual for peerless transmissions.

Just found this, it has a very handy ID chart, and covers a butt load of peerless transmissions

FNR speed ideas

Ok, I am considering running an FNR without a vari-drive pulley. Has anyone else done so? What have you done for speed? Here are my ideas. Has anyone had any experience with these or other ideas? 1. Homemade clutch. Two pulleys. Used, to kee

Rzr Transmission Problems

Has anyone had transmission problems out of the 2010 S i did some research and found out they changed the design half way through the year and several people had problems like me, My Rzr was popping out of low gear right after your started going and let

Peerless vs spicer question

Maybe this has been asked before - and I know the consensus is that the peerless is a superior brand of transaxle compared to most - BUT - Why do people dislike the spicer so much? I've had 3 spicers and just as many or more of peerless. With the

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