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Weight loss while on antidepressants

Hi every body,Has anyone had the sleeve while on antidepressants and found it hard to lose the weight? I have been on antidepressants for years and I find I put on weight with them ..how have you guy's gone?

How much weight did you loose in the 1st month?

Hi everyone, I am hopefully going to get the sleeve done very soon, and I'm interested in how much weight everyone lost in the 1st month of liquid diets? The doctor says everyone looses quiet a lot on the optifast and then on the liquid and mushy diet

Interested in knowing who got to their goal weight (or close to it) without exercising?

Hi All, Im interested in knowing who got to their goal weight or close to it without having to exercise? The reason I ask this is because my brother had his sleeve done in September 2010 and has gone from 111kgs (highest weight), 106kgs (pre-op),

Migraine cause a weight gain???....

hmmm.... I just discovered that after sitting in front of TV for a day or two doing nothing due to pain, I've got a bit flab around the waist, grrrrrrrr Risa

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