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Indianapolis Oval

Well a different night of racing coming up this Tuesday... as far as I know this is the first TTR OVAL event! Now there's a fixed setup on the server which is nice and stable but also very quick, and has a very specific amount of fuel in it. You

TORA IndyCar Series Round 2 Season 4 Daytona Oval Night 8/20/16

August 20th Daytona Oval Night, 40 Laps = 100 Miles Read out of bounds instructions and follow the map to know where out of bounds areas are Straights you may use the Apron! Pit Exit stay on the Apron until exiting Turn 2. Tuning of the cars will

ARS Round 3 - Twin Ring Motegi Oval

The third round of the Acura Racing Series is this Saturday at the oval track of Twin Ring Motegi. Be online by 9pm BST / 4pm EST / 1pm PST Qualy - 4 Laps - 1 out lap - 2 flying laps - 1 in lap to collect times. Race - 50 Laps (includes 1

Oval Racing 101

I posted this up during last years TASCAR, it still applies today I'm sure we all know what we are doing this time around, but just to be clear.. Okay, after the complete DISASTER of tonights racing, here are a few tips so we can stay

TASCAR 2012 - Round 3 - Sedona Oval - 4th August 2012

Bacardi 151 @ Sedona Oval Saturday, August 4th, 2012 Qualifying starts @ 3pm EDT (8pm BST) Race Day starts @ 4pm EDT (9pm BST) Qualifying Format: -Standard 4 lap settings. With the Grid Formation below the racing surface, every can stay where

Oval Racing 101

Okay, after the complete DISASTER of tonights racing, here are a few tips so we can stay green... -on a rolling start or restart, make sure you are 50ft or more behind the car infront -keep idle chat to a minimum, keep it strictly to ''Inside'',

Nascar Road and oval course series

this will consist of 3 cars with a build, first round will be a time attack on a couple of circuits including the oval to calculate who will be in your team -HOLDEN-CHRYSLER-DODGE- once you have been put into a team you must collaborate with your team

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