Welcome on Hoof Prints! Enjoy! =)

Free forum : Horse forum, to talk about horses! =). Welcome on Hoof Prints! Enjoy! =)

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Free forum : Hoof Prints

Free forum : A friendly equestrian community! Come and join in our lively chats and debates! From hacking, general equine care, riding problems, veterinary queries, photo galleries

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OML Patches

discussion of patch ideas, camo prints, field testing items and new producs and contests.

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Wolf Prints Forums

This is a private forum for chatting, posting, and having fun

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Why are the prints taken from my digital worse than from my film camera?

My digi is Olympus FE-330 8.0 megapixels 5X Optical Zoom.On the screen the photos look fine but the prints are not sharp.My film camera is Nikon Lite Touch 130ED.The prints from that are excellent.Obviously the digi is more convenient/cheaper overall but

Creating my first medieval crossbow

Here is my first creation. I tried to keep it as faithful to a medieval reproduction, so please if any one spots something not correct please give a feedback . I don't know if i am uploading the pictures right, please help! thank

Got a Plant Inn and compost tumbler today! Yay!

Went to town today to get some more materials, I was having trouble finding all my composts and found composted sheep and chicken manure and worm castings, hooray. On our last top to Menards to get vermiculite we stumbled on the composters and

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