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WTF is this?

Hello Folks, If we are due a patch, I didn't realise at all...however..i'm getting the following message repeated when i try and open the game (and i've been to battlenet to check for an update by switching over to the US

BF2 patch order

I had to reload my OS and BF2, can I run the 1.5 patch alone or do I have to run the 1.4x patch first? Is it necessary to install Spec Forces before I run the patches thanks

*Patch* July 28 Patch Notes Pg 4 Quoted fromn the above link: Release notes for 04/13/2015, PC Version Mac Version Howdy Simmers, While everybody else has been trying to "Get to

V8 utes patch 1.01

This is the modder speaking not me!! OK guys! Here's the final patch for the Yokohama V8 UTEs Racing Series MOD by SAF! Changes made: Added advertise in the inside top windshield. Mirror's angles fixed. Models "lenght" fixed. Now you can collid

Quick question regarding merge patch and bashed patch

Hello anyone who's been modding for awhile and can clear up this question for me - when you create a merge patch through FNVEdit, do you apply script to this merge patch.esp in wryeflash and include it in your bashed patch as well? Just wondering


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Patch Time! Look for Patch 1.55

Patch 1.50 Super Patch Super Patch Super Patch Game update 1.39 POSTED ON 09/27/12 03:00 PM To install this update, please start your game and use the “Updates” tab in your Launcher. This game update includes the following changes: Supernatura

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