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WiiWareWave - Nintendo News, Reviews and Forums

WiiWareWave is a rapidly growing Nintendo fan site with the latest Nintendo news updates, game reviews and an active forum to chat about Nintendo.

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ASM to Sega Genesis Plataform

All about assembly programming in the Sega Genesis console.

assembly, sega, genesis, mega, drive, sonic, programming, open, source, project, code, guides, tutorials

Xtreme FusionFall Forum

A fansite forum once dedicated strictly to Cartoon Network's biggest game ever, FusionFall, we have now branched out to various other games such as DC Universe, Wizard 101, Eden Eternal, Consoles and more!

fusionfall, universe, cartoon, network, video, games, wizard, fusion, fall, eden, eternal, dragon, nest, #console, gaming, xbox, playstation, nintendo

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Console ESO beta signup page now live...

EDIT:  Sometimes it's up, sometimes not...

Console Problems.

These days..playing european and USA server I noticed people whining for console problems in PDE american server that consist in: - Auto kicking for people using marty with the reason of GRENADE LAUNCHER...thx to Gripster21 repoting this even if i saw

New day, new topic: PC vs Console

One of the most fanboi-ish questions: What do you prefer, what is superior? PC or Console? As for my part PC > Console by far.. because everything the console can do, my pc can do better Arguments like "comfort while sitting on couch playing

Console War Over Declares Phil Spencer or is the Xbox over for some (NEW News)

You may or may not of seen that when spoke to at a GeekWire Summit, Phill Spencer was asked about the "Console War" and basically he says Sony has a huge lead which will be hard to catch up and he goes on to say outside of USA & UK the Xbox

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