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Welcome to the Kapow forum. Here you can get help, use your skills to help others and enjoy hanging out in the company of other kapow Robot Developers.

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Bruteforce Save Data

Ps3 Saves Hacking Paradise

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(Fixed) This file contains invalid Data

I've downloaded twice the file, and once the server finally game me the last MB to have "Téléchargement complet", I clicked, runned as Administrator.. and.. and... This file contains invalid data, "ok" and.. :-( Can't run the exe

3DS - Protecting your data?

First, i hope this is in the right section. For anyone that has knowledge of the 3DS (im too lazy to research..) is there a way to backup saved data? if by some miracle we could possibly backup our mh3u data, i would like to know how it works with the

How to get map data back from maps already published yours and others

before you want to change or edit a map , you will need to follow the following steps, 1- look at the map name above the play button, there is after the = there will be a number usually 5 or 6 digits. copy that or

Will there be data transfer?

Title pretty much says it all. Apologies if there's been something about this already.

Skyrim - Enable Data Files Option

This isn't a mod, but it helps enable some mods: If you are having trouble enabling some mods and the 'DATA' option is grayed out on the launcher, go to 'Users/*yourname*/My Documents/MyGames/Skyrim' and look for the file SkyrimPrefs.ini. Open it

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