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Comedy Albums.

Recommend me some good comedy albums, I have all the Cheech & Chong, the first 4 Adam Sandler albums and one from George Carlin from like the 60's.

My problem with concept albums.

I like concept albums, but I do have one key thing that always seems to be a bit of a problem for me (and it's a personal thing!) On a normal album you generally get great tracks and average tracks and a couple of tracks you don't like. When that

Albums that have been banned by Christian bookstores

I found this interesting... and somewhat ridiculous in most cases: LIST OF ALBUMS CENSORED BY CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORES:


What new releases have you purchased?  I am phrasing it as "albums" because many of us still get CDs and some get mostly downloads.  There are a few of us (me included) that are doing some of both.  So, what have you added to your coolection thi

Blue Oyster Cult - The Complete Columbia Albums Box Set

Coming this fall (no official release date yet, most likely October) Albums included in the box: 1. Blue Oyster Cult 2. Tyranny and Mutation 3. Secret Treaties 4. On Your Feet or on Your Knees 5. Agents of Fortune 6. Spectres 7. Some

UG's Top 10 Prog Albums Of All Time

Mikael Akerfeldt's list of "very inspiring" albums

This list is from Rock Hard Magazine (Germany) and it's about as diverse as I expected. Judas Priest - Sad Wings Of Destiny (1976) Joni Mitchell - Court & Spark (1974) Scott Walker - Scott 3 (1969) Nick Drake - Bryter Later (1970) Iron Maiden

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