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My Son's Vacation to Japan Journal

Hey everyone, My wife (Audrey) and oldest son (Brandon) is currently on vacation in Japan. Whenever my son takes trips such as these, he keeps a written journal. In reading this I found that the more I read the more entiertaining and even educational

New Kutless Christmas album out this week

Kutless has thrown out a couple of Christmas tracks on some compilation albums the past couple of years. They have a new EP called "This Is Christmas" that is in the vein of their 2 worship records. The EP will feature 6 songs. However, BEC

Liberty N' Justice is "What's Hot" on iTunes this week

After last week being featured on the front page, Liberty N' Justice's new album "The Cigar Chronicles" is now still featured on "new last week" on the Rock page and listed as "What's Hot"!!! You can still pick up this great

Billy at Yoshi's This Week

Has anybody been to see Spectrum Revisited yesterday, at Yoshi's in San Francisco? He is there this whole week, any feedback would be appreciated. Any photos or videos? Let me know.

[Done] VOCAPOST @ Japan Culture Week, Binus Square

teman-teman, jadikan VOCAPOST jadi media partner di acara Japan Culture Week di Binus Square. Info acara: Tanggal: 22-25 januari 2014 Lokasi: Binus Square - Hall of Residence, Kemanggisan - Jakarta Barat VP dipastikan akan disediakan booth dari

What to do in Osaka in one week?

My apologies if this is in the wrong section, but... Today they had a sale on flights to Japan. I ended up walking home from work with a return ticket to Osaka; it was a wee bit cheaper than Tokyo. Anyway, I now have one week in Osaka in June. Can

Is there anything interesting happening in the music world?

I'm just asking because there just doesn't seem to be much happening right now. Slow times, to say the least.

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