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Need for speed forum which is a home to the modders and researchers of need for speed games. We are creating resources and mods for nfs games, as well as fixing bugs in the games.

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Naruto : Legacies Reborn RPG

We are a friendly Naruto Community. Ever wanted to make your own character in the Naruto world? Well click and come see what's going on. Build a legacy. Join our RPG.

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Wanted: Questbusters Newsletters

No, these are not games, but I guess no one minds me posting this here. So I'm trying to gather a research database of these old (1984-1990) adventure game newsletters with current reviews and interviews. It is really fascinating how the reviews differ

NFS most wanted LAN

Anyone tried to play this game by lan connection? We couldn't connect to eachother after all... Ofc we dont have 4 computers in one place but we have hamachi program. Tries: 1) Just hamachi+nfs = you cant see any hosts. 2) Hamachi+forcebindIP+nfs

Deathsquads Wanted Posters projects

Do you have an arch enemy you want gone? A rival boss that's causing you problems? A rival that's looking a little too smug? Then put a bounty on his head! Just download a template for a wanted poster here or from google (just search wanted poster


Bob Mattin has fallen victim to viruses (again) and lost use of all his computers. He has vowed (for mysterious reasons) never to return to NWN. This means we have an IMMEDIATE OPENING for FORUM ADMINISTRATOR. We will also need a couple assistants

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