Swimming (pool, triathlon)

Discussions about swimming technique, training programs etc, most of the time free style but not limited to it only.

swimming, (pool, triathlon), discussions, technique, training, #programs, time, free, style, limited

ZoomLink Forum-

Forum for great discussions. Discuss money making, forex, investment, affiliate, and more

money, making, forex, investment, hyip, #programs, affiliate, autosurf, cyclers, ecurrency, trading


rock radio

rock, music, radio, free, #programs

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DiabloSport programs

Does anyone know if Diablo makes a tuner for buick riviera or one that would work on a riv?

A few Social Programs vs. "Socialism"

What is it about having some understanding and support for a few simple social programs, and the GIANT leap to accusing somebody of being a "socialist"??? And make no mistake, what I'm talking about is the use of the word "socialist" in an insulting an

Programs for 2013-2014 season

As we wait for news about our handsome man new programs (no pressure), we can keep an eye on his competition and friends here. So far we know: - Patrick Chan is keeping his Rachmaninoff SP and working with David Wilson on his new FS which will be to

New programs 2011-2012/Nouveaux programmes 2011-2012

We will put all new programmes by the skaters ANNONCES on their official sites, Facebook. I will remind that Brian Joubert does not like to give information before Masters if you are going to see him in trainings in Poitiers or in summer practice, I wil

Brian Joubert: new programs

On you can find an article with some news about Joubert... for the moment only in italian... I report the part in which Brian talks about his new program. He left his old SP "James Bond" at the end of the last season and he

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