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Yatagarasu 3ds (Fighting Game)

So.. It has been a while since I have actually cared about any fighting games. For the most part a lot of them (for me) have become unoriginal and repetative. Making multiple versions of the same one with the same title just sticking Super or Expolosive o

Indie Royale Bundle Deals

We're getting pretty cluttered with Indie Royale topics, so I thought I'd try having just one thread for a while The Prairie Dog Bundle is out! The latest collection of Indie Royale games is now live. This week’s bundle features five great indie title

Indie Gala Deals

>>>Happy New Year, Gala People<<< So let's put an end to this year with style on The Gala Store, with 6 Fantastic games DISCOUNTED UP TO 80% for the Next 3 Days + many many other discounted games! Painkiller: Hell &

Indie All-Stars Fighting Game

Inspired by Runbow and its collection of indie representatives who sadly don't have their special moves, here's a thread imagining an indie fighting game where they do have their own special moves!  Who would you like to see in the great indie hero(ine)

Indie Game Contest 2015

For the third year running, the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival is organising the Indie Game Contest, an international competition for independent video games. In 2014, we received 120 submissions from game developers the world over. Out of th

Indie Game of the Week 13: Combat Free

Week 1. Hyper Light Drifter Trailer About the Game: It's a former kickstarter project which was looking for $27,000 to bring to Windows and OS X but ended up passing $600,000 and due to this Alex Preston, an animator and lead developer

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