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Retrospect Records / Time Warp / Evil Eye / Strikeforce

First, I know a lot of people have had issues with some releases by them being unauthorized, but they also do act as a regular label and sign bands. As for the unauthorized stuff, they take a lot of stuff that has never been on cd, remaster it, put it ont

The interview with Emil from Ulterium Records.

Here are the answers on the questions you had for Emil from Ulterium Records. - I would like to know what the label's criteria is for signing new act's, and if they consider themselves a "Christian Label". It would also be cool to know

Thunders & The Heartbreakers [Cheese Records EP]

This is the same material as Proud To Be Pirate, Mr. Johnny Thunders and It's Great When You're Straight. This seems to be the first pressing of this record. It had a run of only 300 copies and came in a cardboard sleeve. The title is misleading becaus

Retroactive Records news.

"FINALLY! I have signed with RetroActive Records, it's official. Yay! no more "deal pending", it's DONE. New music on the way from RexCarrollBand, The Heal, King James, and Whitecross! Today is a good day to be a

Sanctus Gladius Records

Through The Thorns - Woodland Horizons and Armath Sargon - Winter Of Tears And Path Of Blood (REMASTER) both release on October 9th, 2012


So we went up to San Jose for my son's college grad (which was excellent), he and his buddies of course had to take me around to their fav places. Among places like a ginormous flea market, they took me to a record store that had "over 1 million

Free Ulterium Records Sampler

Harmony, Theocracy, Incrave, Grand Lux, Ivory Moon and more. Free download sampler, a couple of samples, but most full length songs: I have a lot of the

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