The Object Show Forum Revived

TOSF is back! This forum is the place for Object Show fans and creators to talk about. . . well. . . object shows, of course!

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SCP-093 The Game

A game based on SCP-093, The Red Sea Object.

scp-093, game, based, #object

Free forum : The Games Box

Free forum : For everyone who enjoys playing Hidden Object Games, Time Management Games and Match 3 Games etc.

games, enjoys, playing, hidden, #object, time, management, match

Free forum : Cybertek Games

Free forum : For the lover of all casual games Match 3 etc.

cybertek, games, lover, casual, match, hidden, #object, time, management

Topics linked your research : object

Hit the Person above you with whatever object.

Title says all, and unfortunately, nobody is above me....

Art and Object Catalogue for Thurs 11th December 2008

http://www.artandobject.co.nz/files/Content/Pdf/2008/12/01/16,33,31,Cat_25_Decorator_Sale.pdf The studio pottery seems so cheap....? There are a few pieces of Crown Lynn .... the 1020 bookends seem cheap - but they are 'damaged'.

Takom Russian 'Object 279'

This has got to be one of the weirdest tank designs you will find: Now it could be yours!: http://www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/newkitnews/takom.html I like it! Cheers JT

Unidentified fallen object location?

So after a long time spent searching the forum and the wiki, i have to ask where the unidentified object is located? I've heard Sheldon hands it out but after returning to Legen town, he just repeats the same dialogue about Vinoville getting blasted. Rile

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