World of 3A Legion

World of 3A Legion Outpost

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Iron Legion's Castle

Lord Warden's castle where everything happens. Sin around every corner but only a chosen few will be allowed into the gates.

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Legion Of Doom Forums

This is the home of the most dominant alliance in MMA Tycoon.

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Black Legion Info

Some info re: the Black Legion. Must buy Veterans of the Long War and Chosen count as Troops. == My Wishlist == 1. That I can actually use the book with my CSM 2. New Warlord Traits that largely don't suck. 3. Assaulting out of Rhino's 4. Ne

Legion - General Discussion

I haven't been all that active on these forums for a good while now, but since I made the WoD discussion thread back then and then, I figured I could make one for the next expansion as well. So yeah! Less than twelve hours to go at this point for all o

Lieutenant Kage of the 13th Penal Legion

If any of you have read Last Chancer novels than I am sure that you know who Kage is. What do you think, is he a great warrior for the Emporer that will kill whatever he is against in His name, or is he a cold-blooded psycopath who should be kept in tota

The Black Legion 1750

A fun list I'm kicking around with on Vassal ... thoughts wecomed! The Black Legion Daemon Prince [Wings] Term [5] Combi x5 Plague Marines [8] Melta x2 Noise Marines [8] Blasters x4 Berserkers [10] Champ [PFist] Rhino Thousand Sons [8]

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