13th Army

The 13th army is for serious combat action!

#13th, army, serious, combat, action!

13th MEU

Established global gaming clan since 2009.

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The 13th

Quiet and Steady

#13th, quiet, steady

Mystery Survivor: Friday The 13th

Fridays will never be the same again.

mystery, survivor, friday, #13th, fridays

Sirenia Forum

For all talk Sirenia. Sirenia Forum. Free forum Morten Veland Sirenia Henriette Bordvik Ailyn Femme Metal The 13th Floor Tristania,

free, morten, veland, sirenia, henriette, bordvik, ailyn, femme, metal, #13th, floor, tristania

Planetside 2, Gaming, First Person Shooter, Planetside 2 Outfit

Planetside 2, Gaming, First Person Shooter, Planetside 2 Outfit

planetside, gaming, first, person, shooter, outfit

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13th Company takes on Sammael on the Speeder

So I got a game in against Matt the other day, running 1000pts in an Alpha level take and hold mission and here's what went down. His list was 2 speeders including sammy's AV14 twin linked everything BS5 monster, 2 6 man bike packs + multi-melta attack

13th Karpov Poikovsky Tournament


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