Free forum : Rise of the Demigods

An RPG site that is based off of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series! Come join Camp Half-Blood and RP, chat, and meet new campers! Have fun and watch out for monsters!

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Camp Half-Blood

A place for Percy Jackson and the Olympians fans to roleplay.

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Hunters of Blood

A modern day Vampire role play set in Italy. Come and join our coven and our safe house. Here you are free to use your powers without fear of being hunted! Aka Cacciatori di Sangue. Connected though d

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Jovana's betting reviews

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Half Breed Warrior

Name: Raiden Nickname: Lord of Lightning, Hissing Static, Soaring Thunder Gender: Male Race: Hybrid (Storm Dragon/Human) Age: Ageless Birthday: September 13 Sexuality: Straight Unique Characteristics: 1.) Eyes: Raiden's eyes are like many

Sagitarius Half wolf Half dragon (waiting for a approval)

Personal Info Name: Sagitarius Alias: Age: 14 Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Personality:Sagitarius is a shy and kind hearted wolf-dragon he gets embarased really easily and its hard to make friends for him because he is to shy to talk to

The new girl at Camp Half Blood

Name: Kaylie Labelle Age: 14 Gender: Female Eyes: Dark green Hair: Blondish brown Height: 5' 5" Body type: Average Skin color: Tan God parent: Apollo Mortal Parent: Norah Labelle Country of Origin: U.S.A. Pets:

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