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Free forum : Francis-Barnett Owners Club

Free forum : The Forum of the Francis-Barnett Owners Club. Keeping alive a Living Legend

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Thoughts about life / becoming more alive

Hey Owls, last evening, I wrote in a yoga forum here in Germany because I think about joining a Hatha-Yoga class and well, I am not really sure about it. I don't know when I've been healthy the last time in my life. But actually, some years ago, I

George Clooney to offer auction prize at Keep Memory Alive Gala Auction 13th April

What will George offer for auction? Anyone want to make a guess? The website used a picture of the Casamigos tequila if that's a clue. What surprises

George Clooney on Ben Affleck's Campaign for Sexiest Man Alive

From ETonline: (I don't see an embed button but there is video...) George on Ben's Campaign for Sexiest Man Alive November 30,

Bigfoot Captured Alive On Tape

A Bigfoot is captured alive on tape and a surprising fact is uncovered.

It's Alive (1974)

THERE'S ONLY ONE THING WRONG WITH THE DAVIS BABY... I really like the music during the credits, almost a prototypical scary monster movie musical score (by Bernard Herrmann), with that ominous quality, yet nothing subtle about it - kind of a throwback to

It's Alive III:Island of the Alive (1987)

Here we are: the final film in the IT'S ALIVE trilogy... Writer/Director Larry Cohen returned to his most famous film property one more time nearly a decade after the last one (IT LIVES AGAIN-1978) and added a more satirical flavor. As it is, the most

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