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VAC " COLA " for 2013 is .... 1.80 % ....BELOW NAT. CPI AVERAGE OF 1.90% ....... Check your mthly Pay

An extra $100 per month in some cases , take your wife out for dinner , enjoy For Country Recon031

More price rises than cuts since start of Supermarket price war

Elby CloneBD v1.0.5.1 2015-08-01 - fix: bug introduced in v1.0.5.0 caused uncompressed copies to (possibly) fail on some standalone players. - fix: crash when creating MKB with lossless or core audio - fix: possible crash when copying clips w/o video - fix: top-men

Fisher-Price recalls a gazillion toys and baby gear

Fisher-Price recalls a gazillion toys and baby gear By Christine Frietchen on September 30, 2010 in Buyer Beware Fisher-Price and the Consumer Products Safety Commission today announced the recall of more than 10 million toys, play centers,

Can pictures be posted?

Can pictures be posted? If so, how?

Gettysburg: Scourge of War currently on at sale price

Neal Kennealy alerts me to the fact that the original Gettysburg: Scourge of War is currently on sale at Matrix for just $14.99 (or £11.99 incl VAT).  Big reductions on the add-ons too. If you've been thinking of taking the plunge, now's the

Mills bomb price check?

Hello everyone, I'm a new collector based in Ottawa, starting a collection with my young son (age 7) who also has a keen interest in military history. I've been offered the following Mills Bomb for $200 shipped. Is that in the right ballpark

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