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Free forum : A RPG (Role Playing Game) based on the teen titans. Choose or create a character and get stuck into the action!

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GPC Titans

Goddess Primal Chaos gaming/alliance discussions.

#titans, goddess, primal, chaos, gaming/alliance, discussions

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Teen Titans question -air

Ok I saw this one thing online and wondered how you guys would answer so I figured the best way to find out was to ask so.... (all teen titans related) 1.Who is your favorite good guy and why? Hero: Heroine: 2.Who is your favorite Bad

The Tournament Of Heroes! (Titans East)

It was about 10 pm and as the Titans East went about their usual business, the alarm to the tower would suddenly go off! The intruder alarm had been tripped and the location of the Unknown perp was shown as a little red dot in the living room. As the 3D

Intro of a halfling(First energy, then Open to Titans, defintly Teen titans United)FINISHED

Two Russian soldiers sat on a pair of stumps in the forest near the Magic Tree, staring intently at a pair of dice on the leaf covered ground."......." They glance at eachother, then direct their attention back to the dice."........" The younger one

Teen Titans (pick and play)

Name~Starfire Age~Unknown Eye color~Green Hair color~Red Boyfriend~no one but likes Robin Player~Me(Mrs.Smith) Pic~ Name~Raven Age~Unknown Eye color~Indigo Hair color~Indigo Boyfriend~on one doesn't like anyone beast boy likes her

Teen Titans RP

I made my own TTRPG that takes place right where the seires left off. I'm also advertising this site on there. I'll still be on this site but the main reason why I made the other was so that I had something else to do while I wait on posts on here. Heres

Teen Titans (All welcome)*even bad guys*

I wanted to make a topic of the teen titans meeting friends , family, new heroes, etc. My person, Curse is supposedly Raven's sister but I dont care if she is or isn't.

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