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Cyborg 2087 (1966)

It may just be me, but the character in the poster above looks a lot like Steve Austin, a.k.a. The Six Million Dollar Man. Coincidence? In time travel and sci-fi, there may be no such thing as coincidence. The bigger question, however, is how much

Costume For The Reboot

I know a lot of sites have a thread like this, but it's worth discussing. What would you guys like Superman's costume to look like in the Reboot? Classic? Altered? Completely Bat-Sh*t Insane? For me, you don't mess with PERFECTION.


Nightwing Real Name: Dick Grayson Powers: None Abilities: Nightwing is a master of a half-dozen martial arts disciplines (including aikido, savate, judo, and capoeira) with an emphasis on aikido, as well as being armed with twin Eskrima sticks made

Terror Beneath the Sea (1966)

MASTER PLAN: convert people into sexless fishmen, as prep for underwater kingdom and so on. Described as a Saturday matinée treat, this has elements of a James Bond thriller combined with Japanese Sci-fi of the sixties. Indeed, this begins as a typical

Minor Characters

A place to post bios for minor characters that aren't out main role player characters but serve a purpose, be it moving the plot forward, providing exposition, etc.

Alex Fong Lik Sun 方力申

Profile Name: 方力申 / Fong Lik Sun (Fang Li Shen) English name: Alex Fong Also known as: Siu Fong (小方) / Little Flying Fish (小飛魚) / Prince of Swimming (游泳王子) Profession: Singer and actor Birthdate: 1980-Feb-26 Birthplace: Hong Kong Height

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