The Superhero RPG

An RPG in which you make your own superhero or super villian. You must fend off the forces of evil, or help take over the world through role play. Choose your character's destiny.

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Justice and Vengeance

Make a custom-made Superhero or Super-villain! You build whatever type of character you want based off a stat system. Protect the city! Rob a bank! You do you.

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The Avengers

Modern Superhero RP forum. Combination of both Marvel and DC heroes. Mature, friendly members and great storylines!

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Free forum : Darkening Shadows

Free forum : Home of the Vanguard, a superhero RPG/Group using Squadron UK/Golden Heroes rules. Started in October 09 we've moved thanks to our old forum host going AWOL and taking the forum with him.

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Superhero Role Play System

Superhero RP System David "Spirit Corgi" Phillips & Rochelle “Chellizard” Reagan / Creative Commons Copyright 2008-2015 Index Game Design Summary Gameplay Mindset Technical Mechanics Posts Character Generation Player

You As A Superhero

Well, Kelly and Angel convinced me to write an XL fic about superheroes. But I need designs for that and I don't want to make them up myself, so that's where you come in. I'd like you to tell me what you'd be like as a superhero. Your powers, costume,

The Superhero RPG

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to become someone with a purpose? Have you ever dreamed of harnessing power you could never imagine existed? Have you have wanted to be something more than just.. a mere human? Do you crave purpose?

Superhero Application - Charade

Real Name: Subject 12 Super Hero Name: Charade Title: Nameless Alignment: Superhero Age: Physical age of a mid-20s male, though his creation was less than a year ago. Gender: Male Race: Genetically engineered Human Hair: Black Eyes: Green Height:

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