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We are an association of American and Russian citizens who believe it's in the U.S. and Russia's national interests to develop mutual friendship and cooperation.

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Finance showed "the path of self-destruction" of the Russian economy

Russian financier and blogger Slava Rabinovich says that the situation in the Russian economy is becoming more critical. About this he wrote in his Facebook . "Observer" brings his opinion completely: "A bit of simple statistics. 12 months ago,

Russian naval ship rocket failed in Sevastopol (VIDEO)

Frigate "OK" during the Russian Navy Day celebration in Sevastopol moved out of the cove and had to produce rocket fire. But for unknown reasons, the rocket released immediately after the start fell apart in the air and fell near the ship. Victims and

Heroes Barred From Receiving Russian Medal Eddie Grenfell, who has led the Arctic Medal campaign. Published on Friday 12 October 2012 11:53 THE Foreign Office has blocked plans by the


Investors Give Thumbs-Up To Waterstone's Sale 1 Comments1:55pm UK, Thursday June 23, 2011 HMV Group has finalised the sale of Waterstone's book chain to Russian billionaire Alexander Mamut at its AGM. Waterstone's new owner Alexander Mamut

Clinical death of Russian economy impending – Russian economist

Aleksandr Auzan, Doctor of Sci. (Econ.) and of Moscow Lomonosov University department of economics, gives his assessment of the current situation of the Russian economy. “We are witnessing a clinical death of the Russian economy. The economy’s heart,

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