Soviet Stalin Squad

Free forum : For the Motherland!

free, #soviet, stalin, squad, motherland!



#soviet, army, lineage, international, clan

Revolt Mod

The Revolution is underway. Revolt Mod is a Half Life 2 Source mod. REV is a sub mod for Insurgency. Some fear the return of a Soviet Union, some are fighting for it.

half-life, revoltmod, source, mods, insurgency, former, #soviet, union, gordon, freeman, barney, alyx, black, mesa, zgoda

Epoch of the Marxist Youth

This is for aspiring and studying marxist youth to come together and discuss the true way forward

free, marxists, maoists, tortskyist, marx, engel, lenin, leninist, #soviet, union, stalinist, ussr, revolutionary, revolution, politics, youth, discussion, debate, peaceful

Associates of General Wellness

Free forum : The official forum of the Communist Party of Denmark

free, communist, party, denmark, official, union, #soviet, political, esouth, africa

Free forum : The Balance Beam

Free forum : A discussion board devoted to old school gymnastics!

free, balance, beam, discussion, board, devoted, school, gymnastics!, gymnastics, korbut, mostepanova, russian, ussr, #soviet, romania

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