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MARX Miniature birds

Hey all, Has anyone ever heard of MARX miniature bird Models? They are vintage bird (toys) and they have TONS of species. If anyone has ever heard of them or has some Please post it here I want to know more about them! Thanks, Arominger26

Marx Miniature Noah's Ark

I finally got one of these last month after searching for some time to find one in good shape and as complete as possible. This one is almost complete missing only one of the wolves and the laying down duck. The paint is different in some sets than others

Vintage Dapol Doctor Who Figures

Dapol is of course no where near the standards of today, but then again neither are the Kenner Star Wars figures any comparison to modern Hasbro products... But I still love them. I'm just getting into collecting Dapol figures. I want some for my Star

The Marx animals in my zoo

Here my only Marx animal:

Gerard Butler -- Photog Missed His Marx

From TMZ: Quote:Sorry Richard Marx, but wherever you go, whatever you do, we will be right there waiting for ... Gerard Butler. The hot "300" ladykiller and the former adult contemporary singing sensation entered Hugh Jackman and Daniel

Marx 6-Inch Cavemen

Hello, I found 4 figures from a set of 6, of caveman model by Louis Marx  company. This is the link, where you can see them..with some info: Now, as far as I know, my figures are made in Russia

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