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Free forum : Proletarians of all lands, unite!. Karl Marx Forum

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MRRP : Marx Roleplay

MRRP : Server Ip: N/a Team Speak Ip: N/a

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Free forum : The Amazing World of Doctor Who

Chat about all things to do with the worlds of Doctor Who.

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Epoch of the Marxist Youth

This is for aspiring and studying marxist youth to come together and discuss the true way forward

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Free forum : Y.C.P

Y. C. P website. Disscuss and debate about Communism amongst other forms of governments!

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Topics linked your research : marx

Progressive nationalism, marx and engels Here are Marx and Engels quotes that seem to justify a perceptive difference between progressive nationalism and reactionary nationalism. "Revleft" fake Marxists like to

On the Continued Relevance of Marx's Immiseration Thesis

"But all methods of the production of surplus-value are at the same time methods of accumulation, and every extension of accumulation becomes, conversely, a means for the development of these methods. It follows therefore that in proportion as capita

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