The Future of the Wizarding World

Voldemort is dead, the Death Eaters, disbanded, will they come back? yes. When? anytime. join Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Beauxbatons Academy, and Durmstrang Institute as Removed on: 12/09/2014

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[APPLICATIONS THREAD] Harwell's Institute for the Fairly Exceptional

Surely you've heard of them. Lightbringer, the most powerful superheroine in the world, and whose appearance in the 1980s revealed the existence of superhumans to the world. The Sorcerer, and the other Guardians that allied with

Skaia Academy Institute: Porrim Maryam

Name: Porrim Maryam Age: 18 Grade: 12 Hair color: Dark, dark brown Eye color: Jade Hair style: Long, kinda poofy, and spiked. Dorm: Prospit Classes: 1 ) Gym 2 ) Relationship studies 3 ) English 4 ) Physical Science 5 ) Fashion studies 6 )

Skaia Academy Institute: Hugh Mortley

Name: Hugh Mortley Age: 16 (after his age gets reapproved on his bio) Grade: 11 Hair color: Brown Eye color: Yellow (he wears sunglasses all the time, even though he might get in trouble for it) Hair style: Medium length hair (for a boy), smoothed up

[LB] The Hammel Institute

~Home~Plot~Rules~Joining Guide~Wanted Characters~ ~Advertising~Our Tumblr~ The Hammel Institute, hidden away in northern Vermont, has a secret. It's not just an elite boarding school like everyone pretends it is. There, young meta-humans are learnin

Skaia Academy Institute: Elle Lackars

Name: Elle Lackars Age: 16 Grade: 11 Hair color: Light blonde Eye color: Lilac Hair style: Long and slightly curly Dorm: Derse Classes 1- Gym 2- Math 3- English 4- AP Botany 5- AP Sociology 6- Music 7- Broadcasting 8- Study Hall 9-

NuCAU: The Halworth Institute

Penelope was hanging out in the lounge just watching TV when Adrian zoomed in.

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