Pokemon Plato

welcome pokemon fans to the new version of pokemon: pokemon plato! In this new game that is currently only in forum mode (working on making a mmrpg version)you may create your own trainer. Become the best of the best, or join one of the many orgina

pokemon, #plato, welcome, fans, version, plato!, this, game, that, currently, only, mode, (working, making, mmrpg, version)you, create, your, trainer, become

The Philosophy Club

A free-discussion style forum for all kinds of philosophy, based at Fountain Valley High School, California.

fvhs, philosophy, club, metaphysics, learn, #plato, aristotle, meaning, life, what, know, knowledge, discuss

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Plato Putty

. ...... The name was changed, for the sake of humor. . When I was in school, may years ago, Art was my Minor, at this time we will not discuss what my Major was............ . ..... Anyway.... I alway knew that my Philosophy classes would come

Who Mourns For Adonais? - episode #33

WHO MOURNS FOR ADONAIS? (2nd season; episode #33) Directed by Marc Daniels writers: Gilbert Ralston, Gene Coon Who mourns for Apollo? Who mourns for the last god? - the humans who used to worship him; they're not completely heartless, after all.

Plato's Stepchildren - episode #67

PLATO'S STEPCHILDREN (3rd season; episode #67) Directed by David Alexander writer: Meyer Dolinsky    Air Date: 11/22/68 Kirk, Spock & McCoy beam down to a culture patterned after ancient Greece, to treat an infection suffered by the

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