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Need help from the pros yous

well you guys are the pros and need your help..I'm looking to buy a watch but like all of them so alittle help would be great..right down to in my hands to pics here of my new watch.. so here is what i want to buy but can only afford one so here they

Summer evening dive at Blue lagoon 23rd May

Summer Evening Dive A definite improvement in temperature, 14 degrees, so out came the 3mm gloves and hood tonight. 6 divers plus Di. Lovely to see Neil out again Geoff went in earlier with Jon. I was with Ivan, Jack and Neil. Ours was a nice

Xmas Dive 2010

Xmas Dive 2010 Eccy Delph

DITC course

Here are a few pictures from the ASSET Dive Industry Technician's Course that I was on last week.

Night Dive at BL

Night Dive Many congratulations to Steve for enduring a full 33 mins in the cold, dark and impossible to see anything murk that was BL last night. So murky we almost missed the new plane that had gone in earlier. But at least when things settle

Rotating bezels and Dive watches

Have you guys ever thought about the rotating bezel, and how it came about on the dive watch? Well Watchtime has a really neat article about it's origins, and talks about how the rotating external bezel actually began with both aviation, and racing

VM Dive Watches

Found this watch company Vigoria Miletto, and thought it might be of interest to dive watch fans ! The prices seem high, but the designs seem good ! http://www.vmdivewatch.com/

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