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Taiwan Dive Sites

Taiwan Dive Sites is a social network for the scuba diving community in Taiwan to plan dive trips, meet new dive buddies, share dive sites, and share marine life photography.

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Hello Casamays and Welcome!

Hi there Casamays and a very warm welcome to Whispers! Victoria, Rooney and Roxy

Heston is a Pug x Shih Tzu

Heston is a Pug x Shih Tzu who come to us in apr and has sadly come back. He does need an experienced home where someone is able to help him understand in a kind and firm way that he has to accept rules and boundaries and that despite his cute looks ....h

Special Shih Tzu Clipart Creators

Shih Tzu Whispers would like to thank the following people who have lovingly created some of the shih tzu emoticons on our site. They are:- Rhonda ox Sue Thatcher Anne Harvey Kandy & Tami

Want another Shih tzu

I am absolutely smitten with this breed, i have wanted ads everywhere i can think of, i would like to give something back for all the joy i have from my dogs and would consider a rescue , any hints or tips where to find one? Thanks x

New home for two male shih tzus

Hi all, Sorry to be joining and immediately posting this but..... It is with regret that myself and my partner have decided we want to try and rehome our two five year old male shih tzus. We both work full time now, have two young children and

Staffy x Shih Tzu

Hi everyone! Just a quick post to introduce myself. I live in Australia with my husband and our 6 month old 'baby' Moses - a Staffy cross Shih Tzu. We got him from a couple whose 2 dogs had bred before they had gotten the girl de-sexed. There were 8

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