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Taiwan Dive Sites

Taiwan Dive Sites is a social network for the scuba diving community in Taiwan to plan dive trips, meet new dive buddies, share dive sites, and share marine life photography.

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Taiwan Servers w/ Mac Proxy

Wanted to play WoW taiwan on my mac... but need a proxy that works on Mac platform.. anyone find one that works well? I signed up for one, but A) it's epensive and B) latency still sucks.

Taiwan/US Clients, Side by Side

Is this possible? I found one of the official Torrent files from the original TW website through logical deduction, my novice Chinese reading skills, and a shitload of help from my grandma. I also don't want to modify my current US client. So, is it

Using English WOW in Taiwan

A few questions for players in Taiwan: So in Taipei, if I buy a copy of WOW, it will be in Chinese or is there an English option within the software? If no English this would mean that I follow the directions in this forum about playing English on

Hello, i'm starting on the Taiwanese realms.

Hi, I'm british and i'm bored of the US/EU realms so i've decided to change to the Taiwanese realms now but i'm not 100% sure of how to go by doing this, so I thought this place might be worth a try So I have a few questions and I hope that someon

Proxy Server Taiwan: How To.

Setting up a proxy server for TWoW ! Below are 2 guides for 2 different proxy servers. I strongly recommend you to test both of these first before you start to use one! Which one will work best for you is only something you can see by checking it out,

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